Bobby Gibbs is a postdoctoral fellow with translational focus, working with Ronna Hertzano and Matt Goupell at the Maryland Cochlear Implant Center of Excellence. Bobby’s research brings together genetic, electrophysiological and psychophysical measures to explain variability in temporal processing and acoustic cue utilization in cochlear implant listeners. He previously served as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders the University of South Carolina. He earned his Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in architectural acoustics with an emphasis on spatial hearing.

Publications :

Gibbs, B. E., & Fogerty, D. (2018). Explaining intelligibility in speech-modulated maskers using acoustic glimpse analysis. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America143(6), EL449–EL455.

Miller, R. E., Gibbs, B. E., & Fogerty, D. (2018). Glimpsing speech interrupted by speech-modulated noise. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America143(5), 3058–3067.

Bobby Gibbs