Matt Goupell (Associate Professor, HESP) received three NIH R01 grant awards in recent months

The first, Temporal processing and speech understanding in older cochlear implantees,  awarded by the National Institute on Aging, aims to understand and improve speech understanding for older cochlear implant users, and to investigate the neural mechanisms contributing to speech understanding deficits in this population.  Co-investigators are Drs. Samira Anderson and Sandra Gordon-Salant.

The second, Optimizing Bilateral and single-sided deafness cochlear implants for functioning in complex auditory environments, was awarded by the NIDCD.  The goal of this study is to investigate how bilateral and single-sided deafness cochlear implants understand speech and process binaural cues, with the goal of altering frequency allocations to maximize overall performance. Samira Anderson is a co-investigator, and Josh Bernstein (adjunct faculty member, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) is co-PI of the project..

The third project, also awarded by NIDCD is entitled, Binaural unmasking of tones and speech in bilateral cochlear implantees.  The objective of this grant is to understand the sources of difficulty contributing to breakdowns in binaural unmasking among cochlear implant users, with a focus on the encoding of interaural level differences.