Drs. Sandra Gordon-Salant and Dr. Arthur Popper, along with Dr. Robert Frisina (U. Rochester) and Dr. Richard Fay (Loyola U. of Chicago) are co-editors of The Aging Auditory System, volume 34 in the Springer Handbook of Auditory Research (a series edited by Dr. Popper and Dr. Richard R. Fay). This volume brings together noted scientists who study presbycusis from the perspective of complementary disciplines, for a review of the current state of knowledge on the aging auditory system. Age-related hearing loss (ARHL) is one of the top three most common chronic health conditions affecting individuals aged 65 years and older. The high prevalence of age-related hearing loss compels audiologists, otolaryngologists, and auditory neuroscientists alike to understand the neural, genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying this disorder. A comprehensive understanding of these factors is needed so that effective prevention, intervention, and rehabilitative strategies can be developed to ameliorate the myriad of behavioral manifestations.

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