C-CEBH and NIDCD Joint Meeting

C-CEBH and NIDCD Joint Meeting 

October 9, 2018, next meeting Fall 2020

[Schedule in pdf]                https://www.mfri.org/

Morning Session

8:45  Light Breakfast

9:00  Opening Remarks—Dean Gregory Ball, UMD


Session 1- Chair: Catherine Carr, UMD


9:15  Keynote Talk 1: Michael Hoa (NIDCD)

Characterizing Adult Strial Cell Type Heterogeneity at the Single Cell Level


10:00  Ayesha Imtiaz (Friedman Lab, NIDCD)

CDC14A phosphatase is essential for hearing and male fertility in mouse and human


10:15  Grace Capshaw (Carr Lab, UMD)

Extratympanic sound and vibration sensitivity in lungless salamanders


10:30  Coffee break


Session 2- Chair: Tom Friedman, NIDCD


11:00  Adam Fishbein (Dooling and Ball Labs, UMD)

 Auditory Perception of Syllable Structure and Sequences in Vocal Learning Birds


11:15  Beatrice Mao (Kelley Lab, NIDCD)

Modeling effects of blast exposure in the mouse inner ear


11:30  Kristina Milvae (Goupell Lab, UMD)

Listening effort and the bilateral cochlear implant experience


11:45  Willy Sun (Kachar Lab, NIDCD)

Elucidating the Structure of Glycocalyx Complex on the Surface of a Model Epithelial Cell Using Freeze-Etching and Electron Tomography


12:00  Lunch Break


Afternoon Session


1:00  Welcoming Remarks—Andrew Griffith, NIDCD


Session 3- Chair: Rochelle Newman, UMD


1:15  Keynote Talk 2: Melissa Caras, UMD

Practice and Improvement: Cortical Mechanisms of Perceptual Learning


2:00  Anna Kraemer (Carr Lab, UMD)

Inhibition in the Barn Owl Auditory Brainstem


2:15  Kazuya Ono (Wu Lab, NIDCD)

Specialized central regions of the vestibular organs are required for challenging vestibular activities


2:30  Brittany Jaekel (Goupell and Newman Labs, UMD)

Perceptual Restoration with Cochlear Implants

2:45  Coffee Break


Session 4- Chair: Doris Wu, NIDCD


3:00  Kelson Schilling-Scrivo (Kanold Lab, UMD)

Population responses of auditory cortical neurons in noisy environments


3:15  Tae-Un Han (Drayna Lab, NIDCD)

Stuttering Mice and Astrocyte Pathology


3:30  Katie von Holzen (Newman Lab, UMD)

Foreign speech segmentation across infancy: The role of infant-directed-speech


3:45  Closing Comments – Sandra Gordon-Salant